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Experience the Future of Robotics with Actash

Welcome to your journey to seamless automation and robotic integrations. Welcome to Actash.

Our Services

Actash can offer a range of innovative solutions to meet your needs. Our team of experts specializes in robotic integrations, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business. Discover how our services can benefit you today.


Robotic Process Automation

Our Robotic Process Automation service streamlines your business processes, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity. With our advanced technology and expertise in robotics automation, we automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities. Experience improved efficiency and accuracy with our RPA solutions.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence with our cutting-edge solutions. Our team of AI experts develops intelligent systems that can analyze data, generate motion plans, and automate decision-making processes. From machine learning algorithms to user-friendly integrated APIs, we offer AI solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Robot Upgrades

Actash excels in upgrading major robot brands like ABB and Fanuc. Our expert team enhances your robots with advanced welding, improved material handling, and material processing features. Tailored to your industrial automation needs, our upgrades guarantee increased efficiency and precision. Trust Actash to elevate your robotic systems, unlocking their full potential.

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