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Robotic Inspection

Introducing the Actash turn-key Robotic Parts Inspection Cell, a game-changer in manufacturing quality control. Utilizing the American-made Productive Robotics OB7 Max 12 arm,  this system offers unparalleled precision and user-friendly operation.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface for quick setup and operation.

  • Advanced Defect Detection: Detects defects as small as 3.45 microns, ensuring high quality assurance.

  • Integrated Controls System: Actash's integrated control system establishes direct I/O communication between the robot, camera, and other line devices for seamless coordination.

  • Comprehensive Support: Includes installation, training, and new parts integration for up to a year.

Experience the future of robotic parts inspection with Actash. Streamline your production process and elevate your quality control standards effortlessly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Actash turn-key systems come with a full 2 year warranty, training services, and installation. 

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